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Who's keeping an eye on your home when you're not around?


Whether it's your home, batch or farm, you can't be around to protect your property all the time. You've plenty to worry about, and wouldn't it be nice if your most expensive assets weren't one of them? Securitex Trail Cameras are an affordable way keep an eye on your property, and keep people honest when you're not around.


Know what's going on in your property when you're not there.


Deter would be crime in your area and keep people honest.

Wildlife Control

Track animals to improve hunts and manage wildlife.

Latest Products

Acorn Camera

Top of the line Acorn Cameras, recognised worldwide as innovative manufacturers.

MMS Security

Technology advances have allowed for cameras such as the ST550A to be MMS capable.

iSpy Security

iSpy Cameras are used throughout New Zealand by well recognised Security professionals.

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