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Wireless Trail Cameras

Wireless trail cameras put an end to fiddling around and removing SD cards. In a nutshell, they make your life a lot easier.

They offer the same benefits a traditional trail camera: easy-to-use, low cost and easy to hide. It’s easy to see why have become popular increasingly popular for home security, as well as for use in hunting and wildlife management.

The advantage of wireless trail cameras is that you can access the device’s images remotely. Cellular or Wi-Fi options are available. Cellular trail cameras require a data plan and can send SMS and MMS straight to your cell phone. Trail camera’s with Wi-Fi allow you to connect directly to the camera via your smartphone and access images and video, and change the camera settings. Easy as.

  • ST4.3CG
    NZ$ 495.00
    Out Of Stock
  • I-Spy 41 Camera
    Our top of the line Intelligent Spy camera, simply the best night time number plate recognition on the market. Sends images straight to your phone or email address.
    NZ$ 379.00

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